Excavating Future Narratives

category: Workshop
date: 29 October 11:00
address: Ezo, #16 G. Kikodze str.

In this immersive workshop school children explored two of the suggested locations of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial through different artistic participatory interventions in search of new meaning and their possible use for children. Tbilisi is becoming a more and more hostile place for children, not offering enough space for playing, growing, and participation. Especially after the pandemic when a life outside is more needed than ever, children are confronted with a lack of space. This workshop was about reclaiming and redefining space for children.

Children took on the roles of archaeologists and urban planners, excavating traces of the future and looking for new perspectives beyond the interim or transitional state, challenging new views and redefining given structures. The workshop had the form of an excavation site where the children were encouraged to explore the surroundings in search of traces of new possibilities for the site.

The project discusses the findings and creates future scenarios and asks what could be possible, with a focus on the needs of children, inclusion, and participation. Looking at the concrete given structures, buildings, and remnants on the sites and exploring them by redefining their function and narration.

Workshop facilitators: Mariam Gabritchidze, Lili Mamulashvili, Nino Vashakidze

Participating teachers: Kristine Gongadze (167 Public school), Irinka Jvarsheishvili (182 public school), Tamta Jijavadze (progress school)

Participating schoolchildren: Ani Mchedlidze, Ana Chokheli, Ana Topuridze, Tekla Chkhikvishvili, Tekla Gurashvili, Barbare Kanchaveli, Mariam Kanchaveli, Giorgi Zirakashvili, Luka loliashvili Givi Gianashvili, Dea Darsalia, Mariam Tkemaladze, Mia Mamucharashvili, Nika Chkheidze, Etuna Vekua, Salome Diasamidze, Lizi Tkebuchava.